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Friday, July 20, 2018

Two Games of What A Tanker back in May

Back in May I ran two games at the club of Hat A Tanker with two members of the club. I developed the situation based on a Russian assault on the Germans who were trying to hold there side of the board. The game was set on the Planes of Russia so there was lots of open terrain.

Planned map for the game

The game board
 Game 1: The forces were pretty straight forward since it was a learning game. The Soviets had two T-34/76 against one German Panzer IV H.  The German set up his lone tank on a hill on his side of the board. The Soviets had to move in open terrain to get closer to the German tank.


Panzer IV waiting to engage the Soviets

The first Soviet T-34, commanded by me, advanced fast and got within firing range.

Getting closer

Time to fire!
I was able to keep the Panzer busy while the other T-34 maneuvered to get into a good position to attack the German position. Needless to say I did not last long against the Panzer IV. I did score some hits on the German but the PZ IV was able to destroy my tank.

 The other Soviet T-34 moved in close and was scoring hits on the Panzer but it was not enough so he decided to get even closer and ended up ramming the German tank.  After that the two tanks maneuvered off the hill and eventually the German was able to score a killing shot on the last T-34.
Moving to contact

I hope my insurance will cover this accident...

End Game!
Game 2: The terrain was the same but the forces were different this time.

The Soviet player took a T-34/85 and a Lend Lease M3 Lee to attack with. The German player had the same Panzer IV H but added some serious firepower with the addition of a Nashorn Tank Destroyer.

Is that an American tank....

Moving fast!
 The German dice were not very good to them and the Nashorn did not score any hits on the advancing M3 Lee.  On the other hand the Panzer IV was able to destroy the T-34/85 that was again pressing hard to get close to the German defencive line
Big guns out for a hunt.

Panzer IV scores another kill.
 Eventually the Lee was able to get close to the Nashorn and scored a killing shot that motivated the commander of the Panzer IV to retreat from the board. The kill score was on Soviet T-34/85 to one German Nashorn tank destroyer. At the end of the battle the Soviets not controlled the battlefield.
David vs Goliath


I hope you enjoyed this AAR. I hope to have more updates in the coming weeks as I am getting back into painting and hopefully I can get in a game or two at the club. We shall see.


Monday, July 16, 2018

Still alive!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the lack of posts over the last month. It has been very warm here in Sweden and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather. My wife and I took a little trip to Helsinki and we have spent some time at the beaches here in Stockholm.  My gaming and painting has suffered from the heat and the increased out door activity. I will try to get a real post related to wargaming this weekend.

Thank you and have a good week!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

More What A Tanker items!

Hi again!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather. It has been pretty warm here in Sweden and with not much Air conditioning around it has been pretty warm for me.  Oh well.

I had some time off this past week and I painted up  German Hetzer in 15mm for What A Tanker.

I also painted up one of the Darkops What A Tanker Dashboard.  I have two more and I am not sure I will paint them. I have an MDF dashboard from Warbases for the game Chain of Command and I like how it looks unpainted, so I might build the other two WAT dashboards and not paint them.  What do all of you think?

I also got some kick ass dice  from Dice of War with the number 6 position replaced with the Swedish 3 crowns. I will enjoy using these.

well have a good week! More to come soon.


Sunday, June 3, 2018

Back from Vacation

Hi all!

Sorry for not posting much during the month of May. I was in the USA to see my yourngest Daughter fraduate University.  It was a very good time and I was able to spend time with my family and some of my friends in the DC area.

Me and my Daughters.

Enjoying a movie with the girls.

My lovely wife and I enjoying a glass of wine before the flight back to Sweden.

I also got a new set of coin dies to make more Viking age coins, this set is of the first coin minted in Sweden, know as the King Olaf coin.

Fist pewter coins, next up is in Silver.

I will have a post up soon about a game of What a Tanker I ran at the club back in April.

Until later keep cool and enjoy the Sunny weather!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

First club game of What A Tanker AAR!

HI all,

I am behind on writing up my gaming activities. I have now played a total of three club sessions of What A Tanker.  I will do my best to do a write up on the first club game of What A Tanker so you have an idea of what I think and how things played out.

So myself, Koen and Joakim got together at the club to play What A Tanker (WaT) and we set up the table for an urban setting with some great 20mm building and tanks. The board had lots of streets and buildings to make it a challenge to acquire and aim at your opponents tanks. The Setting was France 1940.

I took command of a Panzer IV, Koen took a Stug III and Joakim took the two French tanks, a S-35 and an R-35, both pretty good tanks. We set up using the short sides of the table as our deployment area and then the fun began. I ended up chasing the R-35 around a church on my side of the table as Koen did some hide and seek snipping at the S-35.

I tried to use my mobility and had some good dice rolls that allowed me to move a lot.  Eventually I moved to the other side of the table to help take on the S-35.

 As I raced over to the other side of town I started to take hits from the R-35 as it tried to chase me down. The buildings help me to break a lot of his acquired locks on my tank but I still started to take temporary damage.

After out running the R-35 Koen and I started to work on the S-35, which is a tough little tank.  Eventually I was able to get into a good position to get in some shots and the dice worked well in my favor. 

The advantage to me moving over to the other side of the table was to flush out the S-35 from hiding behind the hills and allowed Koen and I to concentrate on the S-35 while the R-35 tried to make it back into the fight. I finally got in a lucky shot and I was rewarded with my first kill. I was able to take out the S-35! 

At this point Koen and Joakin were in a gun duel at close range and both rolled double ones on there to hit dice, which is not a good thing in these rules and they lost both aim, and acquired status.  This all happened in the same round of firing so it was pretty funny to see.

I enjoyed the game and I think it is nice to have a game that allows a player to focus just on the tank aspect of combat during WWII.  I must commend TooFatLardies for producing a fun game.  We all enjoyed the game and we have had other games since playing this first game.

The only down side was the urban setting, for the first game, we were still figuring out the rules. I would not recommend using an urban setting unless you are already familiar with the rules as it make the game take on a different feel. To me it slows down the game and it becomes a cat an mouse game with individual tanks fighting it out.  I say this because in my other games, which I will write up soon, the feeling is very different and more tactics are required and the number of tanks involved makes a big difference when it comes to winning the battle. 

More on what I would like to do with these rules in the next AAR.

I hope you liked the AAR and I Strongly recommend these rules to anyone who likes WWII history and or tanks!

Have a good day!