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Sunday, April 15, 2018

First game of What a Tanker

Hi everyone!

I received the digital copy of What a Tanker on Monday morning and I really liked what I read. I made plans to get in a test game and I was able to get to the club today and play a solo game. Many of the members of my local wargaming club are in London for Salute or not available on a Sunday afternoon. 

I was lucky to receive the hard copy rules and the tokens in the mail on Friday. That was pretty quick delivery to Sweden.

So Bottom Line Up Front! This is a fun game, easy to lean and fun to play. I think it is very good for solo play since the activation and the turn sequence works very well if you are playing along. 

Now my next goal is to paint up more tanks and get a game going at the club with other members of my local wargaming club.  Hopefully that will happen sometime in May.  We Will see!

I hope you enjoy this post and all the pictures.


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Yes More tanks.......

This time in 3mm.  So I have been busy with work and life but I have had some time to get some more 3mm tanks painted up. These are the first American tanks I have painted and I chose the M3 Lee tank. this will be for North Africa once I get some more painted. I also have some Sherman's in 3mm to paint up as well.

I also had  a little vacation and my wife and I went to Helsinki, Finland. This is the second time me and my wife have visited Helsinki, the first time was in 1991, so some things have changed. We both liked being in the city and we are planning another ferry trip for the summer time.

More updates soon!