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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Four More Aircraft for AirWar C21 Baltic Conflict

Good Evening all!
I know it has been some time since I have posted and painted anything. Well this weekend I am doing both. I have painted up four more aircraft for my upcoming games of AirWar C21 at the club focusing on what if air battles over the Baltic.

A view of the 12 aircraft I have painted so far

The Russians are on top include, SU-27's, Mig-29's and SU-24's. The Allied force are Swedish JAS-39 Gripen's, American F-16"s and Finnish F-18's

Another view of the full force.
One of the first scenarios I will run at the club is based of the incident that took place in Sweden last year when two SU-24's entered Swedish Airspace south of the island of Orland. Check out the link to an article about the incident. The Aviationist website

So for the scenario I needed some SU-24's and I was able to order two from Tumbling Dice. 

SU-24's ready for action

For another scenario I have been following the news about a joint, Swedish, Finnish and US training exercise involving JAS-39's, F-16's and F-18's. Check out this article here about the exercise Joint Exercise.

F-18's ready to intercept the Russians

Top down view

There has been an increase in air activity around Sweden and recently Russian TU-22's and SU-27's were flying towards Sweden at supersonic speed while not using there transponders. Here is an article about the recent activity Recent Activity.

Stay tuned for a game report, I will be trying out the rules this coming weekend.
Time to start shooting!


  1. That's quite an air fleet you've accumulated there - they look amazing! I look very much forward to our game, and to try out those new rules.

    1. Thank you for checking out the newest addition to my collection, I have more types of aircraft, including ground attach aircraft. Those will come with time. I have reserved a table for the game so we should be good to go.

  2. That looks interesting! Nice looking planes.

    1. Thank you! Yes I have always had a thing for modern aircraft and modern warfare. Who knows maybe I will do us some Vietnam miniatures?

  3. Great work- it's a nice little collection there.



    1. Thank you Pete! There is room for these to grow since they take up a small amount of space.