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Monday, April 6, 2015

Bump and Grind, AirWar C21 scenario over the Baltic AAR

Hi again!
Yes I know two post in two days.... it is not the end of the world!!! I just wanted to post these games as separate posts since the first one was a force on force and was used as an introduction game for me and Soren to the rules.  After we reset the game and had some Fika we started the real scenario for the day, I call it Bump and Grind.

Area of Operation for the coming fight!

The map above outlines the setup, the Swedish detect two Aircraft moving north towards the island of Oland along the Swedish east coast. The Swedish forces, comprising of two JAS-39's must intercept and identify the aircraft and what weapons they are caring.  The Rules of Engagement are that the Swedes can only fire if fired upon. So there is not shooting from the Swedish side, unless the Russians fire first.

SU-24's coming in hot!

JAS-39's Black 1 and Black 2 are sent to investigate.

Moving in to get visual on the Russian Aircraft.
The Russians enter the board with two SU-24's flying close to top speed to try and get as close to Swedish territory as possible.  The JAS-39's start off at medium speed and have to close to visual range, which I set as 6 inches to confirm the weapons being carried by the bombers. A chase ensued and eventually the Swedes were able to get close enough to ID the munitions.

Moving in to get a look!

The SU-24's break to the West after the warnings from the Swedish JAS-39's
Each SU-24 was carrying, 2 x AS-17B's and AS-14A air launched cruise missiles. the AS-17's are Anti Ship missiles and the AS-14 is a standard cruse missile. The SU-24's also had 2 x AA-8 air to air missiles for defense against other aircraft.

The SU-24's break into a slow turn back South as one of the JAS--39's breaks to investigate an unidentified Radar contact and gets a surprise.

OH NO Trouble!

Missiles away!!!!!!!
Two SU-27b's engage and fire there two IR missiles at the approaching JAS-39.  The JAS-39, Black 2, is quick and gets off two shots with his AIM-120 missiles.

More Swedish Missiles are fired!
At the same time the data linked information about the launch of Russian air to air missiles triggers Black 1 to fire two AIM-120's at the SU-24's as they turn to home.

The SU-27's ready to evade the incoming missiles.

FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Swedish swear word!)

What I am still alive!!! Holy FIKA!!!!

One of the Swedes missiles hits home on Red 3.

The two SU-27's try to maneuver and drop flares and chaff to avoid the incoming missiles and they are able to shake only one. Red 3is hit by a AIM-120 missile.  At the same time Black 2 escapes certain death by pulling a break turn and dropping 4 chaff and 4 flares! He lives to fight again!

Damage to Red 3 is bad but he still has guns!
 The Su-24's do barrel rolls and drop chaff and flares and they are successful in shaking Black 1's attack.
Shade rattle and roll!!

Black 1 missed the SU-24's with missiles on the initial attack.
Now the survivors start to get into position for additional shots! a general fur ball is breaking out! The SU-24's try to make a run for home as the SU-27's fight on!

Missiles inbound!

Missiles heading for Black 1

Both missiles hit home!
The end of SU-27, Black 4.

JAS-39, Black 2 is able to get a lock and fires two AIM-120's at SU-24, Black 4. Again flare and chaff are dispensed and the Swedes missiles find their target and both AIM-120's hit and destroy the Russian SU-27. Black 2 has the first kill of the day. Before his demise Black 4 is able to send two AA-10 Missiles after JAS-39, Black 1 to try and shake him off the tale of the SU-24's. One of the missiles hits and damages the JAS-39.

Black 1 on the attack

Black 1 misses with missiles but hits home with guns

Black 1 gets another lock on Red 3

Black 1 misses again with missiles!
The remaining SU-27, Red 3 is damaged and can not fire missiles but has guns. He heads off to take on JAS-39, Black 1 but can not get in position to get a shot. Black 1 is able to launch three missiles,which all miss.  He switches to guns and scores another point of damage to Red 3.

Black 1 still trying to score a hit with his last missile

The missile closes and Red 3 drops more chaff and flares.
And Black 1 misses again!
Black 1 tries again with his last missile to take down the last SU-27 but again he is unsuccessful. Meanwhile the SU-24's move further away from the fight at Black 2 moves in to take down the wounded SU-27!

Black 2 takes over the attack and comes on fast!

One hit and one miss!

The end of Red 3....the beginning of a hot war over the cold Baltic.
Black 2 is able to get on the front of Red 3 and gets a good lock and launches two AIM-9 and scores one hit, which is more than enough to destroy the damaged SU-27. The two SU-24's escape the battle with no damage and will be back!

The game was fun, we played both games in under four hours.  This can be cut by using some more player reference sheets.  I will also look into making a better Aircraft data sheet. I was surprised that the Swedish did as well as they did. Only one of the two fighters suffered damage and Black 2 was able to kill two SU-27's.  It was interesting and I look forward to more battles over the Baltic.

Again thank you for checking out my blog!!


  1. Exciting! Seems like a tense game. The whole concept of gaming missiles and flares is refreshing and interesting for someone like me who is unfamiliar with aviation wargaming. /Mattias

    1. HI Mattias,
      Yes it was a fun game and there was a lot of suspense because you did not know if the missiles would hit home or not. The rules are pretty easy to learn and the planes are also easy to paint.

  2. Looks fun! Black 2 has an awesome story to tell back at base.

    Have you played other air combat games? How does C21 compare? It's been ages since I played C21, though I remember having a good time.

    1. Yes Black 2 will be the talk of the airbase. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I play WWII CY6 and C21 is easier to pick up and learn. The only other modern I have played is Harpoon, but that was a long time ago. These rules were a good balance between the complexity of modern air combat and having a fun game in a short amount of time.

  3. Fantastic stuff- a great scenario. The plane came out great too.



    1. Hi Pete,
      Yes it was a fun game! The rules are easy to learn and to play The planes were easy to paint up.

  4. JAS stands for "Jakt - Attack - Spaning" roughly translated into Hunt, Attack and Reconnaissance. I'd say my JAS-39's got to fulfill all three of the above claims in this particular scenario. Great fun, and hopefully a "historical" result.

    1. Hi Soren! Thanks for coming out and doing a great job defending Sweden! We will have more air battles in the near future.

  5. Exellent AAR !

    Haven´t been much in to plane games, but if i can drive a JAS i love to try it out at the club when you play next time, my only previous experience of JAS was some 20 years ago when I was guarding the Wreckage of the one that went down on Långhplmen in Stockholm...


    1. Yes of course you can drive a JAS or more than one. I have only painted two of the 8 that I have for the game. We can add more people and more planes to the air battles. Thanks for the videos!

  6. found a nother fim from the crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkgShfxTzmo

  7. Great report, hope the navy can fish black one out of the water if her survived. And with the start of the conflict I think Sweden already has one air ace.