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Monday, June 1, 2015

Updated 15mm Tanks for Chain of Command

Hi again!

I have been busy updating my Tiger and the Panzer IV that I had painted before. I was not happy with the paint job and the numbers that I had added.

 Here is the Panzer IV with the improved colors, numbers, unit markings, and cross.

So I added a lighter coat of paint to bring out some more highlights and I also purchased some decals from the local wargaming store.  The decals took some time to add but they look much better than I can possibly paint.

Here is the Tiger with her new colors, numbers, unit markings, and cross

While I was at the game shop I picked up a new vehicle. This is the Jagdpanther. It is a Monster of a tank destroyer. I have seen one of these up close while I was at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland in the USA.

I have always loved this vehicle and a campaign that I am thinking of running at the club will feature it as a possible support vehicle.

The model is part plastic and part resin is from the Flames of War series of miniatures from Battlefront.  The model is very good and there is some very nice details on the tank. I enjoyed putting it together. It comes with a blown out building that it can hide in and use as a firing site. I am not done with that yet but once I am I will post a picture of that.

Here is are some good pictures with all three tanks side by side so you can see the size difference.

Well have a good night! Now I have infantry to paint!!!
Have a good week!

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  1. Awesome Panzers - that Jagdpanther is a rolling fortress! What scenarios are you looking to do - Normandy?