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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Painting

Well my short break from work is coming to an end for three days of work before another 4 day weekend.

So I was able to do some painting, actually it was a very productive weekend, even with all the Christmas activities. 

So here is what I was able to paint up in just one day.

We have two supply wagons with some cavalry escorts.  One is Union and one is Confederate.  They will be used as Army HQ's. 


The flag is big and I love the colors!

The whole unit on the move!

I was also able to finish up my first unit for the club's 30 Years War project using Pikeman's Lament.  I tried to paint them up to represent cavalry from Bavaria. They should be rated as Elite Trotters in the game which will cost me a total of 6 of the 24 points for my Bavarian Army. I decided to use one figure per base for the cavalry but for the infantry I will use the 3-2-1 basing system in the rules.

The officer can be used in the unit or as the commander of the Company. I have two additional troopers to take his place in the Trotter unit.

I grew up, for a few years, in Bavaria so I figured it would be a good force to start building my army for Pikeman's Lament.

The troops are ready for action!

I also started to prep to paint a unit of Forlorn Hope Infantry which I will paint over my next 4 day weekend.

The 4 troopers

Well I hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Nice figures, gotta love the flag!!

  2. Productive weekend! Great painting on that Bavarian horse unit - have you had any Lebkuchen during Christmas then? Otherwise I have a supply for our coming game;0)

  3. Beautiful job, they look splendid!