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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

WW2 Coastal forces

Hi everyone.
I am not actually trying to post on the same day in three different months but that is just how it has worked out. 

So here is a new scale for WW2 naval, 3mm or 1:600 scale ships.  Yes I found P.T. Dockyard on the web and purchased there rules for coastal combat in WW2 and I was hooked. Of course being that I am living in Sweden now I had to do some research on the Swedish PT boats from WW2 and it looks like I have a bunch of what if missions to run in future games.

So I pained up some ships and one sub for an upcoming game that I want to run.

Here we have a Type VIIc Uboat from Heroics and Ros coastal forces.

Next up is the Swedish T-4 class Motor Torpedo Boat that was purchased from England in 1940. According to my sources four were purchased but only two were delivered so here is T3 and T4.

After looking at pictures of T4 I decided to buy the P.T. Dockyard's Vospers 70' MTB to represent the T4 class of MTB's. I have a book coming to the local library that should give me more information on the MTB's used by Sweden in WW2.

Can anyone tell me who served on T4 during WW2? 

OK next up are two German S-Boats. These are late war versions probably S-100 + series since they have the armored skull cap bridge. These are also from P.T. Dockyard.

With the game fast approaching, tomorrow... I had to paint up some torpedo markers. Let's see if anyone will hit anything in the game.

Here is a group shot of all the miniatures I was able to get painted up today.

Have a good week! Hopefully I will have pictures from the game by this weekend.


  1. Lovely models and great painting. Have a look at Action Stations from A and A publications for coastal warfare games too.

    1. Thank you for the post! I will check out Action Stations, I have the Form Line of Battle from A and A publications so I assume it is similar in the layout and design. Thank you for the information.

  2. Have fun with these, they look really good