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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ancient Battle!

Hi all,

I hope everyone is getting ready for Christmas!

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to play a game of Ancient Warfare in 6mm. We used the L' Art de la Guerre for rules. I have never played these rules and it was a good set of rules, It reminded me a little of DBA/DBM. 

Gunnar had his great 6mm Greek and Persian armies for us to use. We ended up rolling dice to see who would play on which side and I ended up playing on the Person side. I was given command of one part of the Army which was made up of light troops.

My troops for the evening

We had a good time and if was fun to play a large battle with 6mm figures from the Ancient period. I know the Ulf will be posting an AAR in the near future so I will not go into details on the battle but I will let you see the pictures I took of the game.

The center of the line

The General with his unit of Heavy Cav.

The view from my lines

moving up.

The center is in motion towards the enemy


And now the fun really begins

I am holding off the enemy and getting some hits with my arrows.

This gives an idea of the size of the miniatures.

Yes it did not go well for us, the General and his Heavy cav broke early in the fight.

The Spartans are making short work of the Persian troops.

Bodies were being slain....

What did I learn from the game...Greeks are pretty much unstoppable....