History is Fun

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hi everyone,

Well since I was working on my 15mm WWII miniatures I decided to paint up some more tanks.

I already have a Tiger I for the upcoming mini campaign but I wanted something more historic. So I found a good ebook, by Dennis Oliver. Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks. The book is focused on the Eastern Front in 1944 and they have some good color plates that helped me to paint the Tiger pictured below. It is from East Prussia and was assigned to Panzer-Abteilung 503.

I also painted up some of the Soviets tanks to get started on there list as well.
I painted up the T-34/85 with Junior leader.

I also painted up an SU-85 for the upcoming campaign. The campaign calls for an SU-122 but I will use the SU-85 instead.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend and you like the tanks that I have painted.
Be safe and have a good week! Until next time!!!