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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mixed bag of stuff

Hi all,
Here is an update for you all. I have done a few things.

First up is a game of Mission for Today, which is the new version of  B-17 Queen of the Skies.
Here are a few pictures of the game. I enjoyed this new take on the original. It is a fun solo player game. This was my fist mission and the crew survived!

Next up is the finished unit of Infantry for the Scanian War project that I am working on. I got some sand that I glued to the stand and then dry brushed on some green paint. Not bad!

I also painted up this Swedish WWII tank, it is the Stridsvagan m/41 It was a licence version of the PZ-38T but modified and built here in Sweden.  Here is a link to get some more information on the original. Link Here are some pictures of my version in 15mm.

And lastly are some 3mm WWII German tanks. I am working on building a company from the 501Heavy Tank Battalion that served in North Africa in 1942-1943.  So I have some Tiger I's and some Panzer III G tanks.  I painted up a platoon to see how they looked and I am happy with the results. Sorry for the blurry images.

Tiger I

 Panzer IIIG

 The Platoon

Again comments and questions are always welcome!


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