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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Painting and rebasing 15mm WW2 miniatures

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting more often but I have been pretty busy with a number of different projects and activities. 

Today I will show you a recent purchase from a member of my wargaming club. It was a great buy as I received two boxes of terrain as well as Italian and Finnish miniatures painted up as Swedish to add to my one squad of Swedish infantry I painted up. I also got some more Swedish vehicles and tanks. 

Here is the terrain:

Here are the Swedish items I recieved before rebasing:

Also included in the deal was a whole bunch of Soviet infantry and Tanks.  The only thing I am doing with all this is rebasing and giving them a quick brushing with some dull coat.

Here are the Soviets:

So here are the Swedish Infantry that I have painted and the ones that I purchased. In all I now have just under a Platoons worth of Infantry. I just need to paint up two LMG's and the Platoon leader base and I will be done with the Swedish.

I also got some 15mm miniatures and a cool ass E-75 tank from HEER 46.  The tank looks awesome. I will do a separate post once I start working on the tank.




  1. Superb, a wonderful job on the terrain and minis, looks great!

  2. Great stuff. Good to see someone else doing something a bit more unusual with WW2. Which figures have you used for the Swedish infantry? I have also done a 15mm 'what if' Swedish WW2 force. I used forged in battle Polish figures and then re-sculpted the back packs. Not 100% sure of the accuracy of the uniform and the details on my ones, but they look OK. Also used the flames of war 'toldi' to create the landsverk, but did some modification to make it look like a slightly later variant. Will try and get the photos up somewhere if you are interested? I'm hoping to see more of your project in future.