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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

What am I working on?

Hi everyone.

It has been a while since i posted but life is keeping me busy.

I wanted to start posting pictures of what I am currently working on since I do more painting then gaming in the last year. So what I will share are some things I am working on getting painted.

First up we have some 15mm civilian cars and a 15mm Attack Helicopter, both are for Seven Days to the River Rhine. The attack helicopter is a BO-105 which I will paint up in there Swedish colors since the Swedish had some of these with different missile systems. I will not modify the model itself to try and make the missiles look like the ones used by the Swedish forces.  The Swedish designation for the BO-105's is HKP 9A.

Next we have some Peter Pig 15mm metal tanks that I put together this weekend.  They are the modified Centurion tank with reactive armor. The Swedish had this design and they were called the Stridsvagn 104.

I hope to continue working on the Swedish miniatures for Seven Days to the River Rhine. I played a game this past week at the club and the rules are fun and I hope to put together a 500 points force of Swedish troops before painting up some Polish troops for the Cold War.

I will post some picutres and a short AAR of my recent game of Seven Days to the River Rhine later this week.


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  1. BO -105 are a great little chopper, my west Germans appreciate them a lot!