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Friday, November 21, 2014

Naval Thunder take two!

Hi everyone!
Well it has been a long week but I had to time swing by the club and play another game of Naval Thunder with Soren.  It was a good game and we are both getting use to the rules so things move better this time.

Here are the new LITKO markers that I purchased for our Naval Wargaming

Soren had added a new ship to both sides for this battle so we had two British Battle Cruisers and one British Battleship against the German Battle Cruiser and two Battleships.

 Here are the six ships for our battle

I started with one German BC on board against two British BC's. The British received there Battleship before I got my two battleships.

The British steam on the board in battle line!

My lone BC became the focal point for the guns of the British ships. As you can see I had flooding and fire damage from a few of the British salvos.

The game flowed very well with both of us referring to the rules for only a few clarifications of damage and the effects of some of the new damage that was inflicted this game.

 I focused all my fire on just one ship and when I got my Battleships on board I focused all the guns on the first British BC. 

I finally get some help from my Big guns since my BC was taking a lot of damage.

 With my BC in bad shape and no forward turrets I turn her around and seek shelter behind the Battleships, which are starting to receive fire from the three British ships.

Soren lining his guns up for another salvo.

Soren and I played for about three hours and we actually were able to sink five of the six ships that were engaged in the battle. I was able to get my BC off the board with 11 hull points left.  It was a slug match that went down to the last turn were both Soren's and my last battleship were firing broadsides with both primary and secondary guns at close range.

 The British BC was taking a lot of fire from my Battleship and before she went down with all hands on board she had tree fires and flooding.

Wait I thought there were two British BC's on the board?? The first ship goes down.

Soren's Iron Duke was given the name of Death Star because she would just turn in a circle firing full broadsides against my ships.  Well I was able to sink the Death star but it was very costly.

 The second British BC goes down like her sister ship.

My first Battleship goes down.

It was a fun game and we had a great time, we had three other club members watch as Soren and I ended the game with only one of my ships, baddly damaged, left on the bard.  We called the game a German victory since I escaped with one BC left. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. A great game indeed, seeing both Beatty and Jellicoe take a swim, while the sneaky Hipper limped back to Wilhemshaven on 12 hull points, just in time to crack out the "Keller Brau" and celebrate the destruction of the Grand Fleet! LOVE the markers too, they really gave the game that final touch. More WW1 naval combat soon I hope! Thanks for arranging all the pics of the game.


    1. Hej Soren!
      Thanks for the comments. Yes we will be having some more WWI Naval combat games soon. I just placed an order for some US Battleships. I think it will be fun to use them against the Germans.
      Your ships look great! I look forward to seeing more!

  2. What a great looking game! It must have been a joy to just stand by and watch. On the 8th pic I can finally see how tiny these ships are. Damn I'm that tempted...
    Btw. I'd like to follow your blog but can't find the apropriate button.

    1. Hi Moiterei, Thanks for taking a look at the game. It was fun! Soren is a master painter and I do not think I can paint as well as he can. Yes the ships are small considering they are Battleships and Battle Cruisers. With this scale the 15 inch guns on the Iron Duke have a rage of 45 Inches. We will need a lot of table space when we start with the WWII games. Thanks for joining the site.I have been looking for the follow me link that I now have added to the blog. It was not readily available when I built and updated my blog. Thanks for following.

  3. Great looking game, love these beautiful ships and the markers...