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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Polish 10th Cavalry Brigade (Motorized) 1939

Hi all!
I have been busy with work and I took a business trip to Holland. It was a good trip and I traveled a good part of the country and ended up across the border into Germany.

     I wanted to share an on going project that I have been working on for a while in different scales. I started to paint 20 mm miniatures over 4 years ago to fight battles skirmish battles from Scott Fisher and Nathan Forney Skirmish Campaigns book "Poland 39-The Black Brigade". A link to there website is here: Skirmish Campaigns Poland 39

A picture of the unit sometime before 1939.

An example of the first battle in the book

     Recently I switched to 28 mm figures after finding a company that makes miniatures of the 10th Cavalry Brigade.  The company is Gorgon Studios, here is a link to there website as well! Gorgon Studios.
Last night I spent a few hours painting up the BAR section. I painted the command section a number of months ago before I had my blog so I am posting them all here now.

The command group painted by me.

This is the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) pack of miniatures, again painted by me.

All the painted figures that I have finished so far, I have more so you will see more soon.

Here is the same figures but showing the details of the back of the figures.

     I have to order some more infantry to fill out the ranks of the the unit for the first battle. I also have a box of plastic early war German Infantry. The great thing about the battles is that most have some armor, yes  it is early war armor so I find this transition period of Armor and aviation history fascinating to wargame.  Check back from time to time to see how my painting project continues.

For some more information on the "Black Brigade" please checkout this Link.

Have a good week!!

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  1. These Poles look great Mark! I'm looking very much forward to getting this up on the gaming table. Its a favorite period of WW2, the era of Blitz Krieg and Stukas. I actually have a few Foundry early war Germans (on motor cycle), that we could use for this!