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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Battle of Chancellorsville

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The Generals place there troops
     I wanted to do a quick write up of a great game of Black Powder that our club had this weekend. Soren put the game together and it consisted of all the tables in our humble club placed side by side to provide a battle space that represented parts of Fredricksburg to Chancellorsville VA. There were a total of 5 players, 3 Union and 2 Confederate.
     BLUF: The Union was able to win, Two of the 3 Confederate "Army's" broke and only one of the 3 US "Army's" It was a good game and there were a lot of opportunities for the game to go the other way.  One of the key points was that elements from the 11th Corps who started disordered were able to rally and hold the line for a few turns, this gave the Union time to stabilize his lines and then start to beat back the Confederate onslaught.

Enjoy the pictures and check out Dalauppror's Page for more pictures.  Link

Southern Cav behind the Union lines

Ambulance doing it's work as the Confederates push forward

Check out this link to the Wikipedia page on Chancellorsville: Link

Lee in the Center pushing on the Union defensive position

The troops under my command before crossing over the pontoon bride in Fredricksburg
Also check out the animated history page as well! Link

The bridge into town

Lee overlooks his troops

My troops before the game began

The initial Confederate position

Another view of the field of battle

The center of the Union line in Chancellorsville

A closeup of the troops

A view of the union line in Chancellorsville

The rear of the Union Army in Chancellorsville being overrun by Confederates

A view of the Union Center at the beginning of the game

The Confederates work to eliminate the last units of 11th Corps

My units taking some early hits

I start moving my 3 units across the river to support my 2 units holding the bridge

The rear of the Union line still holds

Southern Cavalry coming to stop my force from crossing the bridge

Four out of five of my units on the west side of the river

Bobby Lee moving to add pressure to the Union center

Another shot of the Union rear. Things are not going well for the Union

My situation before the arrival of the Confederate cavalry and the Confederate unit on Marye's Heights

My situation as I finish deploying my five units on the Fredricksburg side of the river

My units are formed and move forward to fire on the enemy

A view of my side of the battlefield as one of the Confederate units breaks from fire from the Artillery and Infantry

The Confederates assault the Union center and fail to take the defensive works

The Confederates also launch an attack on my position

Both my left and right flank is hit by charging Confederate units, one of my units routs and one of the Southern units runs as well.

My end position, I lost one unit out of my five and the Confederate lost three of the four units he sent to stop me.

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  1. Well produced pictures of a great game, in which you played your corps with excellence! Hope we will have more games like this in 2015. We'll be doing Shiloh quite soon it seems! Happy New Year!

    1. Great I look forward to Shiloh! The game was great and I had a lot of fun! Thank you for setting it up and getting everything together for us to play.
      Happy New Year!!!

  2. Greate pictures Mark !

    Nice to see what happend on the other flank;)

    1. Hi Dalauppror, Thanks but the pictures are only as good as the miniatures and all of you have done an outstanding job painting them up! Yes it is good to see what happened on the other side of the board. Have a happy New Year!

  3. I am starting to get a full picture of what actually happned in this game, even though I was part of it...;) anyway a solid report and nice pictures...and yes Shiloh is next.

  4. An excellent looking game and report!! Keep 'em coming!!!

  5. A beautiful report, love these splendid pictures!

  6. A great report, great to see! Loved the cabbage field too! Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Very enjoyable report. Makes me think I can use Black Powder for my ACW games


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