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Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!!! WWI US Navy ships

Hi all!
I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I know I did! I got some great gifts and had some excellent food with some great people!
I also received something I have been wanting for a while, that is time!
I had time to day to pick up the paint brush and paint some more ships!

Today I present to you the Pre-Dreadnought USS Rhode Island and the Dreadnought USS New York.
USS New York
The USS New York served as the flag ship for the US Naval detachment that sailed to England to join the British Fleet during the later part of WWI.  She was the last of the Dreadnaughts before the building of the Super Dreadnoughts.  The USS Arizona falls into the Super Dreadnought category of Battleships. The USS. New York is the first of two ships that are in the New York class Battleship. The sister ship to New York is the USS Texas, which joined the first four US Battleships in England a number of months after the first ships arrived in England.  The USS Texas is still afloat! She is a museum ship in Houston Texas and you can get some information on the ship here: battleship-texas

Here are my painted versions of these ships.


Here we have all three WWI Era ships that I have from GHQ, The Rhode Island, New York, and Arizona.

Top view of the USS Rhode Island.

Great view of the ship, the Virginia Class Battleships had a unique turret configuration.

All three ships in Battle line.

Another view of the ships in battle line.

Here are the ships with there data sheets for the game.


  1. Merry Christmas Mark - your intervention fleet looks amazing. Great painting and bases! I really love the look of these ships. The broader keel and the iconic masts just make them stand out. The Arizona looks pretty intimidating - 126 hull points and armor of 19! It's going to take some serious German gunnery to scratch her paint job.
    We'll have to find a day shortly after New Year for a game, I'd like to see how they carry themselves in battle!

  2. Hi Soren! Thank you for visiting and checking out the ships! They were fun to paint and after I got rolling they were easy to finish up. Yes we will need to play a game in the early part of the new year!!!

    Have a great week!