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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pictures from Black Powder Big ACW Game Number Two

Hi again!
Well yesterday we had a game at the club.  I wont' go into many details as Jesper over at The Miniature Mayhem did an AAR for the game!

BLUF: great fun and a tough fight for the Union. It was close run but the Confederates were able to fix and flank the Union position.

Enjoy the pictures!!!

The Union Line fights to hold the sunken road

A view of the mass of Confederates crossing the field

A view from above of the battlefield

A view from the Confederate lines

Great painted figures

When things were simple before the flanking took place

Artillery in action

Great terrain and miniatures

Early stages of the game

The first wave moves in

The Union line at the beginning of the game

Here comes the first wave

Close up of the Union line

Part of the first wave moves on the board

The Union line ready s itself for the coming fight

The confederates close in on the Union Line

Great view of the Rebels

The second wave starts moving in on the left

The Union was able to hold off the early flanking force

The Confederates push hard and take a lot of casualties

Moving in some Union support

Another view of the Rebel battle line moving across the field

A view from above

The second wave hits the Union flank hard

Another view of the battlefield

The Rebels start to break the Union line

A Union gun is attacked by a Rebel unit

Meanwhile on the right flank....more confederates!!!

Stopping for some prayers before going into the fight

The Union Left is being pushed back

The Union right gets rolled up by a huge Confederate force

The table at the end of the game! The Rebels were able to break over half the Union units
Thank you for reading my blog and I should have some more pictures of my painting up this week!


  1. Terrific game table and equally great photos. An impressive Reb victory.
    Nice "Limbered" marker. Is that home made or a commercial item?

  2. Hi Jonathan!
    Thanks for looking at the blog!!! Yes it was a great victory for the Confederates! I just brought myself and my Iphone 4 to the game. All the miniatures are from members of the club. It was a fun game. We are planning more big battles in the future. I am not sure where they got the marker from, I think it is a commercial item.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great pics Mark - and what a game! I have seldom seen someone roll so incredibly well, and still loose;0) But, I admit it was nice to finally see a Southern victory, with Johnston surviving the game too. I'm sure Jesper will be back with more excellent scenarios soon, plus I have a "what if Stonewall survived Chancellorsville" scenario for Gettysburg. More to come in other words...

  4. The Pictures are great Mark! The limbered marker is bought from Warbases. There will be more scenarios. Chickamagua will be my next scenario project, at least for ACW.

  5. What a tremendous game, the images are fabulous, thank you for sharing.

  6. Greate looking game and AAR.

    Sorry I couldn´t participate, i hope next time...

  7. Fantastic looking game. Fixing up my collection after kicking it over when moving house. So jealous of your set up!