History is Fun

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Hi all,
Well I am working painting a few different miniatures right now so once they are all done then I will have a longer post about the figures.

I took some time to get some Warbases movement trays for both my 28mm and 15mm gaming needs.

Here is a picture of the recently finished Swedish Infantry group for Sparp Practice.  The base is good and sturdy and was easy to add the grass to it.  The figures look good with this large base instead of the individual miniatures grouped together. 

Here is a few pictures of some 15mm Indians that can be used for either the British or the French forces during the F&I War.  These are Essex miniatures that I painted back in 2010.  They were based on a square base with 3 miniatures each stand.

Here is an infantry stand of troops from the 60th Regiment of Foot for the F&I War.

Well have a good weekend!


  1. Great looking figures, I do like Essex figures, they paint up so well.

  2. Loving the movement tray, good old Warbases.