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Saturday, June 4, 2016

1808-1809 Swedish Infantry Unit complete!

Hi all

Thank you to all of you that provided comments on my prof of concept miniature. I made changes to the first miniature and then applied the recommendations given to the other 8 figures for this unit.

In Sharps Practice the units consist of 8 troops so this is the first of 3 core units for a force in the game.  I will have to wait to get more Perry Miniature before I paint up more figures. 

Also I was able to paint up one Viking for Blood Eagle.  I have two other Vikings partly completed so I will continue with them an others.

I hope you like how these all came out.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice! They will look great on the table.
    One nitpick that I didn't notice before that you might want to change on the next group is that the m/1802 jacket doesn't have any turnbacks in facing colour (yellow for you) in the middle of the tail of the jacket, only on the sides. So less details for you to paint. :-)
    http://digitaltmuseum.se/011024380052 (you can look at the back of the uniform by clicking the small arrows on the picture).