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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Here come some more 28mm Vikings and extras!

Hi all,

I have been painting up some of my many 28mm Vikings. These come from a number of different makers and I like them all. I have to say the ones of the characters from the TV show Vikings are very good.

 I have only painted up Ragnar and his brother Rolo so far but I have Foki and Bjorn to paint up soon.

I also painted up some dogs that can be used to attack other animals and humans in the Blood Eagle set of rules I have.

Also included in the painting is two Rune stones that are pretty good.

I hope you like them

Here is a group shot of all the 28mm Vikings I have painted here in Sweden.



  1. Wonderful, I have recently caught up with the Vikings boxset and wonderful it was too, love theses versions and might have to treat myself.

  2. Love that you included Ragnar in the batch - the rune stones kinda remind me of the ones we saw in Copenhagen in the National Museum!

  3. Gerrard paintwork Mark !

    Best regards Michael

  4. I am actually tempted to buy and paint vikings because of this :) Where did you buy the TV-series figs (Ragnar etc)?

    1. Hej!
      I got the Viking cast miniatures from http://stronghold-terrain.de/
      I also got the Anglo-Saxon Warrior from them as well. Check out their site. I am glad you liked the miniatures.

    2. I went to the site. The Lagertha / shield maiden miniature is superbly modelled! A must buy!