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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sword and Spear Viking Army complete!

Hi all,
I hope this posts finds all of you well!

This is the first Army for Sword and Shield. It is a small Army in the rules but it will get me started.
The point calculations for this small Viking army per the rules.

I have been busy working on these 6mm Baccus miniatures this week. I started on these on Monday and I was done with them all on Thursday evening. It was fun and good to focus on getting these done while I am unemployed.... It took a lot to get started but once I did it felt good to keep focused on the painting.

4 Stands of 24 Warriors, they do not have armor protection.

So I had done one stand of warriors back in March of this year so I did 7 stands of 6mm Vikings over 140 miniatures this week alone. I don't know if I can continue to paint this much next week but I will try. I plan to switch to 28mm miniatures, we will see how it goes.

Here is the one stand of 24 Huscarls that do have armor protection I also added 4 Huscarls with the Dane axe for an added touch

So here are some pictures with the description of the figures.

Here are the Berserkers!!!

Have a good weekend.

Here are two stands of 12 archers on each stand.


Here is the General, with four figures, and a captain with two figures on the round base.