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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naval Thunder Battleship Row Game

Hi everyone!

Well I am back for Paris, and I have to say I was very happy to have visited the city and I want to go back again. I will post some pictures of the trip once I get some more time later this week.

The German Fleet!

German Fighters come up to meet the British Swordfish

The Swordfish make it thought the fighter screen

The ships put up a lot of flak!

Bad day for the British Torpedo Bombers. They are all shot down by AAA.

First I want to post some pictures and a quick run down of a Game of Naval Thunder Battleship Row that me and my friend Soren played. It was the first WWII game that I have played with threes rules but they are similar to the WWI rules that we have both played many times before.

The Germans are on the attack!

The fighter vs bomber combat after shooting down two fighters.

German Dive bombers on the attack. Three are shot down by AAA. 

The second wave of attack.

The attack force looks small!

One Fighter goes down to AAA.

The Stukas score hits on the HMS Victorious.

So the battle was the battle of Denmark Straights with each side having one Aircraft Carrier and aircraft for the fight.

Now the British line of battle for Ship to Ship combat.

You can see the damage maker on the Victorious from the aircraft strike phase.

Rounds start to hit home.

It was fun and I like the aircraft strike rules and they are not complicated. Technically you do not need to have miniatures but I like miniatures!!!

The Germans send in the last attack aircraft!

four to one and the Dive Bomber makes it to the target.

The Stuka scores another hit!

The addition of aircraft and the use of Aircraft carriers adds a new dimension to the game and can be great fun when we use the rules with a campaign system.

The capital ships continue to exchange blows.

The Germans lose the Prince Eugen and the Bismarck is heavy damaged. The British win this battle.
We played the game out until the Germans lost the Prince Eugen. At that point we called it a game and this time it was a British Victory. The Hood and Prince of Whales took some damage but not as much as the German side did.

Well We hope to play more games of WWII naval combat in the future, who knows you might see a US battleship and escorts fighting the Bismarck soon!!!!


  1. i think you're right, miniatures add something special and beautiful, great looking battle!

  2. I'm a fan of these rules though my friends like GQ3 better. Great rule set.

    1. They are a fun set of rules, I have not played GQ3 yet but I prefer these rules as they move quicly and have the detail I like. Thanks for commenting on my post!

  3. Welcome back to the winter :0)
    Memorable first test of these rules, I look forward to more WW2 naval games in the future!!!