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Monday, November 21, 2016

Swedish STRV 122 Main Battle Tank and CV 90-40 IFV in 6mm

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I have not posted much this month but I have been busy studying to get my Swedish Drivers Licence and doing all the required classes. 

Yesterday I had some time to paint up a couple of test miniatures. These two are painted in the Swedish Winter camouflage and I am hoping to get some feed back on how they look. I have more to paint up but I want to see what everyone has to say before I go into mass production.

The reason for the Winter Camo is that I want to run some scenarios that will take place  here in Sweden in the near future against a Russian invasion and I think the best time for such an event is in the winter time.  So that is why I have painted the two miniatures up this way.

We have the STRV 122 Main Battle tank and the CV 90-40 IFV. Both miniatures are from GHQ.

Let me know what you think, please!!!



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  1. Great photos. Does GHQ (others) have a STRV 122 model, or is it necessary to find a Leopard 2A5? I have been looking for STRV 122 models in 6mm.

    The camo paint scheme looks great. I hope to have mine look that good when I am finished painting.


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