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Sunday, August 6, 2017

My game for International Naval Wargames Day!

HI everyone!
Well I have finished playing my Naval Wargame to celebrate the International Naval Wargames Day.
I pained up one more of my 6mm Viking ships, the one with the blue and gray sail in the pictures, and I build a paper 6mm Saxon Wolfship from Roman Seas PDF ships. The ships were fun to paint up and build and I think it allows for some interesting future games. I don't know of anyone making 6mm Saxon ships in pewter.

Two small Viking ships out looking for a fight!

The Wessex Ship!

The rules!

Today, I used a new set of rules today, I wanted something that covered the Vikings and other nations and I found Ad Mari Bellum over on Wargamers Vault. They are intended for larger battles but it worked out just fine with my small number of ships.

It was a simple scenario, attack each other and see who wins the day. The Saxon ship is from the Kingdom of Wessex and the two Viking ships are Danish Vikings.

The Wessex ship gets to move multiple times due to random activation.

The Danes move in a coordinated way.

Still closer.

The Wessex ship moves into missile range of the Vikings.

The Wessex ship fires arrows at the Viking ship and kills some of the crew.

I used my coins that I make for damage and casualty markers. The silver coins represent losses of crew and the gold coins represent damage to the structure of the ship.

The Vikings get the first activation of the second turn and both ships contact the Wessex ship.

Now all ships get to fire missiles at each other.

Here are the dice rolls, things are looking good for the Vikings.

The Danish ship with the blue and gray sail scores structural damage on the Wessex ship.

The Viking ship with the red and black sail cause loss of crew on the Wessex ship.

The Wessex ship fires back at the Danish Viking ship it had shoot at before and scores a structural hit.

Now to the ramming, the dice show the unmodified dice rolls.

Here are the modified dice roll for the ram between the Wessex ship and the Danish viking ship with the blue and gray sail.

The results of the collision are that the Wessex ship is wrecked, which means it starts to sink!

The victorious Danish Viking ships continue their travels.

The winners!!!

The game was fun and the rules worked well, they are designed to all for large battles so I guess I just need to paint up more Viking ships and build more Saxon ships and we can have some big naval battles.

I hope you all enjoyed this, I know I did.

Have a good week!


  1. Nice game..I really like your Viking ships!

  2. Those are lovely Vikings! I might need to invest in a couple for Galleys & Galleons...