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Friday, August 4, 2017

Viking Age Solo Campaign

Hi everyone!

Well in the time I have I am preparing to start a Viking age solo campaign.  I have wanted to do a campaign but it is hard with my work schedule to get to the club and play game with the other members.  So, I will run this campaign and play games as solo battles, and when I can get to the club I will also play with other members of the club.

So, I picked up the book "Simple Campaigning Ancient and Medieval Wargame Campaigns" by John Graham-Leigh. I have modified one his campaigns to create this Viking Campaign.

Here is the campaign map, I also assigned each faction an aggression number that will be used at the beginning of each 5 year turn to determine who attacks who.

So I rolled up the first year, 840 and here is the results show on the below map.

So as you can see the Norwegian Vikings will be attacking the Scottish on the first turn of the campaign as well as the Danish Vikings will be attacking Wessex. This should be interesting.

Hopefully I can get in one or both games in next weekend. I am still working on my ships for Sundays solo Naval Wargame.

Stay tuned for more!

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