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Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Game of 2016

Happy New Year!

I got to play my first Wargame of 2016 yesterday in a great part of Sweden. Black Powder (Soren) and I got together at his home in Uppsalla to play the first game of the year to help up prepare for the games we will be running at DFFCON 2016 in Copenhagen.

It was a snowy day in Uppsala

We played our favorite WW1 naval rules, Naval Thunder Clash of Dreadnoughts. I will not go into too many details about the scenario but the US Battleship squadron force was intercepted by a force of German Battle Cruisers and one Battleship.  BLUF: It did not go well for the US!

The Rules

The game was fun and Soren did very well. I had a hard time with my dice roles and twice during the game I rolled 20 on two D10 dice to resolve critical hits.  So needless to say the results were a magazine explosion on the USS New York and the ship the battleships were escorting.

The upside down ship will be a TBD ship that is being escorted by the US Battleship Squadron

The initial setup

The ships start to maneuver

The German battle line

The Germans had speed on there side and were able to force the US ships to maneuver where the Germans could do the most damage.

The beautiful ships that Soren has painted up for WW1

The US Battleships on the move

Disaster strikes the US Fleet early in the game when the USS New York blows up!

Yes I did roll those dice.....

More gun fire and damage to both sides stats to add up

The USS Florida had some issues with flooding....

Near the end of the battle

Disaster strikes again. The ship being escorted by the US Ships explodes after being hit one time by the German guns.

I obviously did not give the dice Gods a satisfactory sacrifice before the game as I rolled that 20 as well.

Well I hope my dice rolls improve as the year goes on!
Have a good week. I will have more posts this coming week.


  1. A great start to gaming in 2016 - made no less greater by the frequency of fireballs on the table due to some unforgiving dice :0) Looking forward to Copenhagen!

  2. That looked like a fun game, or not so fun depending on which side you palyed :-)