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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Union Army of Northern Virginia at 1st Bull Run

Hi all,

It has been a busy two weeks and I have had some time for painting. Below you will find the latest addition to my Union Army for the US Civil War games I am planning to run this coming year.

The four new Brigades in line

Column of Brigades

I was able to paint up four more Brigades of Union Infantry. This brings my total count of Infantry Brigades up to 12. I only need 11 for 1st Bull Run but I was painting and I figured I would paint them up as well. 

You will see in the pictures that two of the Brigades have Pennsylvania Regimental flags instead of the National Regimental Flags. I am trying to add a little flavor to the Union Army.  To add some color I will be painting up one brigade of Zouaves and one of Regular Union Army Infantry, which will have all hardee hats and can also be used as the Iron Brigade later in the war.  The Regulars started the war wearing the hardee hat but eventually switched to the standard kepi design hat.

The first Army complete

Close up of two of the four Divisions

A view of the other two Divisions

Ready for the table!

So I also took a picture of the completed Union Army as outlined in the Order of Battle for the battle of 1st bull run in the Scenario book from Alter of Freedom.

So in the above picture is the Federal Army of Northern Virginia.
The Divisions are labeled 1-4: 1 is Tyer's Division, 2 is Hunter's Division, 3 is Heintzelman's Division and number 4 is Miles' Division.

In Tyler's Division:
I: Keys BDE
II: Schenk BDE
III: Sherman BDE
IV: Richardson BDE
V: Carlisle Artillery BTY

In Hunter's Division:
I: Porters BDE
II: Burnside BDE
III: Palmer Cavalry BDE
IV: Griffin Artillery BTY

In Heintzelman's Division:
I: Franklin BDE
II: Wilcox BDE
III: Howard BDE
IV: Ricketts  Artillery BTY

In Miles' Division:
I: Blenker BDE
II: Davies BDE
III: Tidball Artillery BTY

Thank you for stopping by now I will get to work on the Confederate forces and some buildings for the battle of Bull Run!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Your project is coming along very nicely!

    1. Thank you! I am enjoying painting the 6mm figures, it has been a long time since I have been able to build and army so fast. I just need to stay focused.

  2. Looking good - you just tell me when it's time to roll some dice, and I'll be happy to defend the honor of the South!

    1. One I have the Rebel horde painted up I will let you know! Take care!

  3. Great stuff. Out of interest what are your thoughts on marking up units on the battlefield? Apart from the uniform differences (Zouave trousers, Hardee hats &c), does each brigade have its own marker - for instance painted on the side of the base?

  4. Good question Col. Scipio! The rules and the scenario books have per-formated labels that you can photocopy and then attach to the bases. It may not be the best but it works. I am not a fan of not having a Division Commander on the gaming table with the Divisions but the rules are focused on the players being the Corps or Army commanders. I might add a single mounted officer for looks to represent the Division Commander.