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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Black Powder Rules: The Battle of Fort Donelson

Hi all!

Today our little wargaming club had played a game of Black Powder and we fought part of the Battle of Fort Donelson.

We had six people at the club involved in the game, two played the Union and three played the Confederate forces.  We had a good game.

The Union won this battle and it was very enjoyable.

I will not go into details as I am sure a few of the other club members will have blog posts with more details.  I will add links to there blog posts once they become available.

Thanks for check out my blog enjoy the rest of the pictures.


  1. Amazing, what a fabulous looking game.

    1. Thank you! The guys at the club know how to put on a game! I just showed up and directed the troops of my Brigade! A big thanks goes to Jesper for setting up the game and umpiring the rules.

  2. Wonderful, discreet and good-looking watch...