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Monday, March 21, 2016


Hi everyone!

The National Museum of History after it opened to the public

Well this has been a great long weekend for me.
On Friday Soren and I drove to Copenhagen for the 2016 DFFCON wargamers convention.  It was help this year in an amazing room in the National History Museum.  There were a lot of visitors, probably over 150 people came to see what we were doing. There were a lot of game set up and all had fun.

The gaming room! Really nice!!!

The game masters setting up the tables before we open

Another view of the room during setup

On Saturday,Soren and I ran two games of Form Lind of Battle and the players fought the Battle of Koge Bay in 1677.  I created the Order of battle based on the miniatures we had and the historic ships that took part in the battle.  I will do a separate AAR of the two battles once I get some more time to look over the data from the battles.  Both games ended as a Danish victory but both battles were good and there was a lot of fun at our table.

Our little game!

The two Navies lined up for battle

A game of Ronin!

Great scenery for a game of Sharps Practice

More amazing terrain for the Ronin game

WWI aircraft game

Great trench work!!!

A village somewhere in France??

The Eastern Front for Chain of Commad

On Sunday we ran a what if scenario for 1918 with our WWI ships we have.  The USA was escorting a troop transport and was intercepted by a German squadron out for a fight.  It was a good game with exploding ships and lots of excitement. Again I will do a AAR once I get some time.

Great looking 15mm figures for Chain of Command

German Tanks!!!

WWI Trench warfare.

Koge Bay 1677!

Soren and I with the first group to fight Koge Bay


CY-6 with B-17's!

More to come soon!!!

The kids table!! Great way to draw families into the room!

The battle rages in the game of Sharps Practice

The action is hot!!!

The Eastern Front is cold!

The ships all lined up for battle!
Our WWI naval game!


  1. Looks great. I was this summer but can't tell where in the building you held the event. Had I known, I would have sent along a copy of our Great Northern Compendium for viewing. Let me know if any other major Scandinavian conventions are in the offing.

  2. Hi
    I participated in the second round of the event.
    Is i possible to get the Ship data sheets sent to me?

    1. Sure thing, I just need an email address for you. I asume you want the data sheets from the Koge Bay scenario?

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.