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Saturday, March 12, 2016

DFFCON 2016 Preperations

HI all,

Next weekend I will be in Copenhagen for my first European Wargaming convention with Soren over at Black Powder Games. Yes it is a small one but it is a good start for me. I have been to Historicon in the USA when I lived in Virginia and I have been to smaller events in Florida and other states.

Here is the info for DFFCON 16 if anyone is interested in coming out for a game.

So to prepare I needed to paint up one more ship for the WW1 Naval Scenario we will run on Sunday. We needed a troop transport for the US Battleships to protect. I was only able to find one at the GHQ website that is from there WW2 collection of ships. But I think it will work really well for this game.

So the miniature is a GHQ Queen Mary and I painted it up to reassemble the H.M.T. Olympic with her 1918 pattern 19AX dazzle Camouflage pattern paint job.

I hope you all like it. The miniature is large and I do not have a base long enough for her but I think that will work out OK for the scenario.

What do you think of the miniature and the paint job?

Thanks and I hope to meet some new wargamers in Copenhagen next weekend.


  1. Love the dazzle pattern you painted. It's where my interest in early 20th century art and military history overlap.



  2. Yeah, really good work on that Dazzle Camo - she looks great. Ze Germans will be coming to get her, mu ha ha...