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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lost in the woods?

No! I am just very busy with work and preparing for the Summer here in Stockholm.  The weather has been very good these last few days and me and Cathrine will be heading West to the family Summer home to open it up for the season. We are hoping that the weather will stay as nice as it has been since I have been working.

Last week I finished up the last of my 6mm buildings and a bridge for the upcoming Altar of Freedom games at the club.

I have also been working on tress for 6mm games.  I am using foam board for the bases as they are easy to cut to the shapes I want and they are light weight.  Also I use a nail to punch holes randomly on the foam board and then glue the trees into the holes.  It works really well.

I have a few hundred more to base before I am done. I hope to get these done soon.

Have a good weekend!!!


  1. I think I spy Leven there LOL. Nice work, I too need to get a bunch of tree's based up, just got to get round to it


  2. Lovely work, the church in the woods looks delightful.

  3. Beautiful, love the woods!

  4. That terrain will work excellent! A quick inventory at the club gave at hand that we have most of what we need considering what you have created thus far. Still need to solve the matters with small rivers though.