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Sunday, May 22, 2016

1808-1809 Swedish Infantry Uniform Prof of Concept

Hi all!

Well my daughter is off to Paris for the weekend, so after doing the honey do list I had some time to build the last of the 300 trees for the 6mm terrain that I need for the 6mm ACW game. Some of us from the club will be running a game using Altar of Freedom in early June.

I also got my order of Perry Miniatures 28mm Danish/Norwegian Infantry and I had some time to paint up the first figure as a prof of concept. I plan to use the miniatures to represent Swedish Infantry that were still using the 1802 Uniform durig the 1808-1809 War against Russia.  My reference book has some great information on which units were still wearing the 1802 uniform in 1809.

Based on the great book by W.J. Rawkins and my research at the Army Museum here in Stockholm I painted up my first miniature as an infantryman from the Jonkopings Regiment.

The cover of the book

 Here is an image of one of the 1802 Uniforms from the Swedish Army Museum here in Stockholm.

 Here is the miniature all painted up.  What do you think of the figure being used as Swedish Infantry? I think they will work well for the units that were still in the 1802 uniform in 1808-1809. Some units had changed to the new uniform that was released in 1807.

 Well I would like to ask for your feedback.

Thanks for checking out my blog and have a great weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I will spend some time this weekend trying to paint up the other 8 I have.

  2. The concept miniature looks excellent! As for the war of 1808-1809 you should go for the m1802 uniform all the way. It seems that the 1807 uniform wasn't really used by the units active in this conflict. The following site can be recommend regarding this subject

    1. Thank you! That will make it easier to get the forces done for Sharp Practice then. Thanks for the link!

  3. Stunning paintwork !

    Indeed as Jeppan say the 1802 uniform was in mostly used during the 1808-09 some regiments seems to have used the 1802 uniform and re-sweit in to something similar to the 1806 regulation. But I would use the 1802 for ease.

    One thing regarding the painting, the band around the hat should be bras and the "fether" should be yellow.

    If one want to be picky the Swedish didn´t have true backpacks but more like a shoulder bag but that dosent really matter.


    You might paint the canteen in bronze to as they had a "bulkruka" in copper. https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulkruka

    Looking forward to see more of you work and also see the minis on the gaming table later on at the club.

    1. Great Feedback, I had original done the plum in yellow but my refrence said they were in White. I will change it up and the hat band as well as the canteen this weekend when I start working on the rest! I look forward to getting them done so I can work on more for Sharp Practice. Do you have any recommendations for where to get figures for Grenadiers?
      Thank you!

  4. Great minds think alike! :-)
    Good to see some Swedish Napoleonic soldiers for Sharp Practice. Micke/Dalauppror gave you some good pointers. As far as I know white plume was mainly used by guard units so I think yellow is a good choice for line infantry.
    I intend to post some information on our blog over the coming weeks that might be useful (http://northern-wargaming.blogspot.se/2016/05/swedish-napoleonic-soldiers-in-28mm.html) but you are already off to a great start. /Mattias