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Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Vacation!!

Hi all!
I have not been posting much since I am on Vacation and my Youngest daughter is here from the USA on her first European vacation.

Good weather on day 1

You know what this is!

I will be posting pictures of some of the places we have gone over the 3 weeks of country hopping. We plan to see a lot of Stockholm and then fly to Copenhagen and then to Oslo. This way she gets to see the three Scandinavian countries on this trip to Europe.

So here are a few shots of where we have gone so far.

We took a bus tour of the city and then cruised Gamla Stan (old town).

Time for a candy break!

We also went to the medieval museum and it was great! I highly recommend it.

The old old town!

We also went to the "Big Church" in Gamla Stan.

The second day we started by checking out a ruin stone near my home in Vallingby and then we hit the Vasa and the Nordic museum. 

Cool old rocks!

We went to see the Vasa via boat!

More pictures and updates soon.

I will hopefully be able to do some miniature painting soon as well.

Take care!!



  1. Looking good, but I'll warn off the Danish border guard ;-)

  2. Seems like you are going for the big Scandinavian tour :)

    Greate advent for stockholm !!!

  3. What a fabulous tour you are on!

  4. Such a beautiful city! Must be amazing to visit... but, wait, I live there - it is beautiful and well worth a visit!