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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Another quick update!

Hi all,
     Last weekend I worked on some terrain pieces for my solo battles here at my apartment.

I don't have much room so I have to make sure I keep things to the correct scale.

Here is what I made up.

 Here are some fields with rocks and also a hill with some of my 15mm modern Russians

This is a group shot of the two fields, two rocky areas, and the two hills.

Here is a view with some 28mm Modern figures.

And here is a shot of some 6mm Norman Cavalry with the rocky terrain behind them.

Again another shot of the cavalry on the hill this time.

And one more shot of the modern 15mm Russians soldiers deployed in a defense position.

I also acquired a new set of Modern combat rules, which look like it will do what I want without making things too complicated. I will be using my 15mm Russians to fight some bad guys in the near future.

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