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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Quick Update

Hi everyone!

I hope all is well. 
I just wanted to drop a quick update on my blog. I have a bunch of stuff going on so here we go:

1. I received my notification that my application for Swedish Citizenship has been approved. So I am now a naturalized Viking...LOL.

2. Tracking the latest Hurricane in the US as I have family and friends in Florida and the surrounding states.

3. I have painted some 6mm Baccus light horsemen to be used by at least two different armies from the Viking age. They might show up on a game table next week.

4. Last but not least I bough a unused copy of a Swedish board game called Vikingatid, which is The Viking Age in English. The game was published back in 1997 and unfortunately the game is out of print. The copy I got has never been used! All the counters are still un-punched. I will be using this game!

Well that is about it for now, hopefully I will have some more posts up next week as I am working on more ships for the Scanian War Naval Battles.

Stay tuned and be safe out there!!!


  1. Well done on the naturalization. 'Jattebra!' as they say. How on earth did you manage it?

    Best Regards,


    1. I moved to Sweden 3 years ago and since I am in a relationship with a Swedish citizen I could apply after I lived here for 3 years. It was very easy to do. Thank you for checking out my blog.