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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Swedish Scanian War Fleet Additions!

Good Sunday afternoon to everyone.

Today I finished up 3 more ships for the Scanian War naval battles that Soren and I play at the club. I already have 4 ships done for the Swedish 3rd Division which fought at a number of important battles. My goal is to paint one for one the 3rd Division so I have about 4 more ships to finish meet that goal.

So here are the 3 new additions to the 3rd Division.

The first ship is the Solen, she is a 54 gun armed merchant.

Next is the Gripen she is a small ship but she has a total of 8 guns.

The last new ship is the Sjöman she also is a small ship with 8 guns.

All these miniatures are 1:1200 scale ships from Langton Miniatures, these are from there Anglo Dutch War ships.  The Miniatures are very detailed and a joy to paint up.

I hope you enjoy seeing the newest additions to my Scanian War project. Have a good week. I will have another post up soon!


  1. They really look impressive lined up like that! Good choice on painting up Solen, she was state of the art, and one of the few Swedish capital ships to survive the Scanian War. Keep them coming! I'll be adding Enigheden and Norske Løve to my Danish squadrons, both 60-70 guns ships...

    1. Sounds like we have a little naval arms race going on here. I have all the miniatures I need to finish up the entire division, minus the fire ship. I will probably start working on Äpplet (86 guns) and Saturnus (64 guns, after that I only have the Caesar (60 guns) and then the Riga (54 guns) and the third division will be done. That will be a division of 11 ships.