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Thursday, February 5, 2015

First Game of Lion Rampant!!!

Hi everyone!

Well I had my first game of Lion Rampant and it was fun.
I see that the guys with bows and arrows are very dangerous and you need to kill them fast.

I am not going to write up an AAR since Dalauppror has done a great review of the game. Check it out here: AAR

Also check out the AAR that Late Night Painting did on the fight as well here: AAR

Below you will find my pictures of the game.


The table before the battle

The bridge!

My force as it starts before the battle!

Mounted Knights!

My foot nights on the move.


Moving to contact

The enemy!

Over the Fence to fight!

Into the fray!

My men moving up to support the assault on the bridge.

Mounted Knights charge across the river.

My men face off with the enemy in the river!

A bloody fight in the water

All that is left of both our forces after the fight in the river.

My leader is not afraid of Mounted Knights!

My skirmishers are ridden down but they as well as my leader killed 4 of the Mounted Knights!


  1. Greate Pictures Mark !

    Glad that you joined in on our Club project ! I hope you will continue to participate so you may give the House of Finsta some gloty!

  2. Great work on your foot knights. They had a tuff challenge, but it was a really fun game, with a good terrain setup resulting in some epic mid-river fighting, cavalry charges blazing across the bridge and with countless noble leaders challenging for duels! A good first encounter with Lion Rampant I'd say - and I hope we get to do more games soon.