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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Still not painting or playing yet!

Hi from Snowy Stockholm!

I have not painted or played a game fora while. I will be playing my first game of Lion Rampant tomorrow evening at the club. Since I have been slacking at the painting I will post some pictures from past games from my old club in the USA.  I hope you enjoy some pictures from the past.


A Cy-6 game with Russians and Germans.

15mm Austrian Artillery!

 15mm Austrian Infantry Battalion

 Some more 1/300 Aircraft

 28mm Korean warrior and a Japanese warrior on the ground.

 Yes more Russian for CY-6, 1/300 scale figures

One of the best Pulp Game Ever!!


Have a good week!

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  1. Tomorrow it's time to roll some dice again, looking forward to it as well! That pulp game sure looked like fun - I'm wondering how many d6's "to hit" that King Kong rolled when swinging that fist around, scary looking fella;0)