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Friday, February 6, 2015

Russian Front JG 54 Campaign.

Hi everyone!
JG 54 unit symbol
Well I have been working on this campaign for a while and I am not pretty much ready to start playing.  It will be a solo affair to keep me gaming when I am unable to get to the club for games. 

Front cover in case you want to look them up!

The unit that I will be using in this campaign is 1 Group of JG 54.The year will be 1941 and the group will start the Invasion of Russia in East Prussia.  I have created pilots and assigned them to there Section and used the great campaign generator from TooFatLardies.  The name of the campaign system is Squadrons Forward and they should bring flavor to the CY6 games and add some interesting scenarios and missions.

I have a pretty good collection on 1/300 scale aircraft for both the Soviets and the Germans.  I think this will be a fun opportunity to play some interesting games that are tied together with the pilots and the campaign system. Lets see who will get the first Iron Cross and who will be the first to get shot down.

I used a German WWII Random name generator website to collect the names of the pilots. All the other information was provided from rolling dice against charts to create the pilots abilities and to try to breath life into the games.

If you want to read more about the historical unit check out this link  History

The planes I the pilots will be flying will be BF -109F models and the Squadron Forward system has a  way to get new aircraft, I think I will give then the historical aircraft at the dates they received them in real life.

BF-109F and a Soviet TB-3

Well I hope you will check back from time to time to see how the campaign goes, I think I will play the first game tomorrow.

Have a good weekend.

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