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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Run for the Boarder!!

Hi again!
Well today I ran a mission for my 1941 Campaign.
I call the Mission Run for the Boarder because the date that I created the mission was on 15 June 1941, before the invasion begins. The background is that a flight of 3 I-153's get lost and end up on the German side of the lines. They are trying to make a run for the boarder to get back to safety.

My new mat. The Soviet boarder is two map sheet away with the top of this image being towards the boarder.

 The Germans are up flying a training mission. The Squadron Leader is flying with third section pilot Alhard Bastian.  This is Alhard's first combat assignment so the Squadron Leader,Leopold Kellerman is taking him up for a training mission when they stumble on the inexperienced Soviets.  Kellerman sees this an opportunity to get Alhard into the fight and trained quickly.

The hunted, Running for the boarder, all 3 pilots are green pilots.

Heading into the morning sun.

The hunters, up for a training flight.

Alhard Bastian is in the plane with the white nose and Kellerman is in the plane with the blue nose.

I used the Squadrons Forward campaign system to set up the map and the approach to the enemy. I had a slight advantage in position since Kellerman is an Ace pilot skill.

The initial setup, the Germans are coming from the North and the Russians are heading East.
Once the game started things went fast. The BF-109F-2 is a superior fighter aircraft and the Germans were able to get in behind the Soviets quickly.

Tools of the trade, rules, dice, pen, paperwork, aircraft, and my Cadillac of the Sky flight stands.
 The Bf-109's came in fast and the Soviets continue to run to the boarder.

Turn 2

A view of the battlefield from the Soviet point of view.

The German's slip in behind the Soviets and get on there six.  Alhard slips in front of Kellerman and takes a shot with Kellermans direction! The result is devastating. Alhard's 15MM Cannon tears the I-153 to shreds and the I-153 goes up in flames.

Turn 3 position after movement.

All lined up!

End of one Soviet!

No parachute from this plane.

Now the Soviets realize they are in trouble and try to dive for the deck and run. The Germans are in a position to anticipate the Soviets moves and they are able to keep on the Soviets tale and adjust there position so that both pilots have a line of sight on the enemy.

Turn 4
Lining up for the shot!

This time Kellerman scores a hit on one of the remaining I-153's.
This time Kellerman scores an airframe hit on the I-153 and Alhard's shots miss the target.  The chase continues!

Smoking Soviet continues to fight.

The I-153's continue to run for the boarder, despite being chased at close range by the Germans.

Turn 5
Now with the two Soviets in line and flying straight as fast as they can both Germans fire there guns.  Alhard scores another killing hit with the 15mm cannon sending the Soviet to an early grave.  Kellerman's aim was thrown off by the explosion of the Soviet aircraft and his shots missed.

Another Soviet goes down to the newest pilot of JG/54

Big BOOM!!!!

Now that there is only one Soviet left the Soviet decides to turn to try to get away but is unsuccessful.  Kellerman waves Alhard off from the attack since Alhard used up all his ammunition in his last attack run.

Turn 6

Alhard breaks to the left as Kellerman presses his attack.

The last Soviet goes down near the boarder but still on the German side.

The end of the game!

The battle is over and both German's make it back to base without a scratch.  I used the Squadrons Forward campaign system to finish up the game and the result was that Alhards is notice by the Admin officer, which could provide some support when replacements are needed.  Also both pilots received the Iron Cross 2nd class.

The updated Pilot roster
Well I hope you all enjoyed the the first battle of the Eastern Front JG54 Campaign.


  1. Superb game - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and checking it out, next up will be a bomber intercept mission for the Germans.

      Stay tuned!