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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Space 1999!

Hi everyone!

                           Space1999 Year1 Title.jpg

Well here is a little diversion from my normal Historical Miniatures. They are two 1/1000 scale miniatures from Shapeways.  They are of the standard transport Eagle from Moon Base Alpha and the other is a Hawk also from Earth but they were used by an alien race to attack Moon Base Alpha in the show titled War Game!

Eagle 1 and Hawk 1

A side view of the space craft

Yes there is an episode in Season one of Space 1999 where there is space combat. Short and not very exciting space combat but still there is combat. I also found statistics for the speed and weapons that each space craft had as designed by the creators of Space 1999.

I am so glad the clothing trend of the 1970's is gone!!!
        For all of those of you who are too young or have consumed large amounts of alcohol since the 1970's you can check out this Wikipedia link with some info on the show. Space 1999                         

Now I can remember getting a large toy at Christmas of the Eagle. so now I have scale models that are much smaller but now I have them so I can fight space battles.  I have a total of three Hawk's and 4 Transport Eagles that will be the combat Eagles. I also have a number of other Eagles that will be used as transport and lightly armed scouts. So look out Sweden we will be fighting for control of Moon Base Alpha.

Now for the rules. I have a st of space combat rules called Colonial Battle Fleet and they are from the same people who wrote the WW1 Naval Rules we use at the club.  The rules allow you to make up your own data cards, which I made earlier this week.


Here are the data cards for both ships.

Enjoy and have a good weekend!!!


  1. Looking very cool indeed, gotta youtube that show! Are there more models in the range from Shapeways?

    1. Hi Soren!
      Yes there are more models available on shape way. For the show you can find all the episodes from both seasons on youtube. Enjoy!

  2. These look wonderful, I now have a nostalgic hankering to track down the series on DVD!

    1. Hi Michael,
      thank you for checking the ships out. No need to look for them on DVD they are all available on Youtube. Enjoy!