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Sunday, September 20, 2015

T.A.C Bombing Run with Defending British Fighter Aircraft

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the delay getting this posted but I have been trying to take advantage of the last few weeks of sun here in Stockholm before the darkens of winter sets in.

So here is the same bombing run as before but this time I added two flights of British Hurricanes to defend the industrial complex. Last time it was just the flak that defended the target now it is the fighter planes that will try to stop the attacking Germans. Lets see how they do.

The initial set up.

4 He-111's in two flights of two's

The target area with 4 British Hurricanes to defend the target.

The Hurricanes moving to intercept the bombers.

First move complete

Time to turn, just use the movement ruler and all is set

Turn is done and ready for the next move

After a while the Hurricanes and He-111 meet up.

Finally in range, this is before the fighters move.

The Hurricane is all lined up to shoot but will receive fire from all 4 bombers.

First two fighters are out of range.

Target in range.

The fighters shoot at the bombers and score two hits but do no damage to the larger bombers.

Now we check to make sure which arc the fighters are in and we get to roll one dice for defensive fire

And the first two bombers miss the Hurricanes!

Now the two He-111's can fire the rear guns at the Hurricanes. The Bombers score one hit.

The damage dice rolled by the bombers is a 6 and the air frame of the Hurricanes is a 5.

So the Hurricanes lose on plane! The first kill goes to the Germans!

Here is the situation after all the planes have moved.

The Fighters fire first

Both groups of Hurricanes hit but do not do any damage.

The Germans check the arc of fire

Both fighters are hit with defensive fire from the He-111's.

The single Hurricane take another hit!

Now there are only two Hurricanes left to stop the German Bombers.

Next turn the remaining fighters get in 3 hits on the two bombers.

First German Bomber is shot down by the two Hurricanes!

The situation as the bombers close on the target!

After movement the single He-111 takes a hit from the Hurricanes.

The hit does no damage to the remaining bomber.

The bombers are lined up on the target, No flak this time!

Over the target! The Hurricanes lose one more fighter to the single He-111.

Bombs away! One hit on the target!

NO hits on the bombers or the fighters

The last Hurricane downs the single He-111 over the target before it can drop it's bombs.

The two He-111's finish dropping all there bombs and score a total of 3 hits on the target.

The German bombers break hard to avoid the last British fighter.

The Germans score a lucky hit and take out the last British fighter.

 Well this definitely turned out differently than last time. Two German He-111's were shot down but all four Hurricanes were taken out.  The rear guns of the He-111's are stronger than any other arc of attack. The British should avoid the six o'clock position on the bombers. Also the bombing mission scored a lot less due to the lose of two of the He-111's. 

Overall I think this is an OK turn out. The British should try to attack from other arcs to the bombers next time.

The game moved fast, except for all the pictures I was taking....

Well have a good week!

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