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Saturday, September 12, 2015

T.A.C. Rules and Product Overview

Hi again,

Well over the last two days I have been able to cut and paste two of the three T.A.C. aircraft sets that I have purchased from Wargamers Vault.  The company who makes these is called Paper Forge

All the stuff for the HE-111, target, damage markers, flack markers, aircraft, defensive gun arc of fire template, turn template

BLUF: great value for a quick and easy game. I think these would be good for doing large air battles since you only have to buy one set of the aircraft you are interested in and then print as many aircraft you want.

I used a 5 Crown coin for the He-111, US Quarter for size comparison.

The product is a digital download in PDF and requires you to print out the paper aircraft and then glue them to a coin. I would recommend using good printer paper not the recycled stuff that is everywhere now days.

Starting to build everything.

The paper I used was the recycled stuff and when I glued the markers to the coins there was discoloration using two different types of glue (rubber cement and white glue).  Once you have everything ready you have a pretty good size force ready to use. The turn template has all the data about the aircraft and is the measuring tool for turns gunfire etc. I like the way they came up with the concept.

All the stuff from the HE-111 set. you get a lot of stuff with this set. 

I read through the rules and they are OK, they are not very detailed and basically there is a move and shoot phase to the game and the combat is pretty simple. You use D6 dice for all the rolls that are required. There was one major issue with the copy of the HE-111 rules I had. there were no rules for bombing a target.... WTF....

British Hurricane I, I used US pennies for these.

OK so I was able to find Paper Forge (the makers) on Facebook and I have received the details of how it should work.  They said I should have had a copy with the bombing rules on page 24, which in my edition is the rules for flak.  I am still waiting to see what they have to say about my edition not having a copy of the bombing rules. I am hoping to get a copy of the correct rules.

You get a total of 12 fighters in the fighter sets (each marker is a flight of two aircraft)

They did give me a quick overview of how it works and with my knowledge of WWII Aircraft rules sets I did not have any issues dropping bombs on target.

Does not take long to put everything together.
The rules are quick and play well. I did two games in a short amount of time. I will do a separate post on how the two battles worked out.  The rules come with some scenarios to try out.  They are pretty good and give you a good starting point to develop your own raids and missions.  I will add pilot skills to the game and use a CY-6 type movement order.

Movement templates for the HE-111 and the Hurricane I

size comparison of the He-111 and the Hurricane I

This will make the game move a little better and reflect the fact that the skill of the pilot can make a poor designed aircraft into a well oiled killing machine.  We will see how these additional house rules will work.

Overall this is a good buy and is a great starter game to get players interested in move advanced rules like CY-6.  Also if you want to conduct large bomber missions this is a way to do it with easy playing rules and a way to amass a huge amount of aircraft without spending tons of money on miniatures you may only use once.

Oh yes also everything I used in my two games fit inside a small envelope, minus the dice.

I hope you liked what I had to say.  Let me know if anyone else has played the rules and what you think of the concept.

Update: I got an email that I can get an updated copy of the He-111 set and I will review the new rules and see how I did with the test games I did. Thanks to the people at Paper Forge.

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