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Sunday, September 13, 2015

T.A.C. Bombing run

Hi again!!!

Yesterday I played two scenarios with T.A.C. both are the same mission but with one difference. The first mission had Flak to defend the factory complex from the attacking HE-111 bombers and the second mission had two flights of four Hurricanes to defend the bomber target.

The set up, the bombers on the right and the factory on the left. Flak burst area can move but is currently fixed

I took a bunch of pictures for you to look at.  Instead of letting you see the wonderful table cloth on our kitchen table I decided to grab one of the maps I have at the house and I used that for a background for the mission.  I will describe what is going on in each of the images.

Moving straight is easy with the movement template

Just move the plane from the first to the last mark in the green section for full speed.

Making a easy turn, if you make sharp turns, orange section that you do not see in this image, you can not us your defensive guns because of the g-force.

Turn is done,  I actually messed up here and moved one tick to far, I should have moved three not four.

Position after moving for a while.

This is the sharp turn that will not allow you to use your defensive guns.

High G turn done.

Flak attack hits one group of bombers

The flak gets 3 attacks and have to score equal to or higher than my defensive rating of 4. One hit is scored on one of the bombers.

Next I roll for damage, I have to roll equal to or higher than my air frame rating which is 6. These bombers are strong. I rolled a 4 so no damage.

There is a stacking rule that prevented the flag from moving until after the bombers had moved.

There will be flak over the target boys....wait is that Vallingby near the target area? Ummmmm were are the bomb shelters located??? LOL.

Now I just want to make a note here. Sweden was not attacked by the Germans, but the Russians did accidentally dropped bombs on a play house in Stockholm during World War II.  The Russians said that they made a mistake and though they were bombing Germany....

German bombers are lining up for the bomb run.

All the bombers will have to test for Flak damage.

Three hits are scored on one of the flights of bombers.

None of the hits causes any damage!!!
bombs away!!!!!!

To hit these targets I need to roll fours or higher. So we get two hits with the first flight!

I used a dice to track the total damage on the target. So far two hits were scored.

Now for the second flight, again I score two hits up to four points of damage on the factory

Check out the cool little damage markers! Burn baby burn!!!

Dropping the second bombers payload on a target from the top flight. Two more hits, total up to six so far.

Last bomber in the lower flight also score two more hits on the target for a total of 8 hits!

Here is the target once the bombers are clear.
Over all the game moves quick and the rules play well. I will have to put on a game at the club to see what some of the members think of it so I can see if it will be worth the time and effort to build a large bombing force. So far the rules have been good and all has played out well.

Thanks for checking out this AAR. I will have the next one up soon!


  1. Seem cool, we should do a test game at some point for sure! Nice touch using the map as backdrop - worrying however that one of the Bomber squadrons flew over our house here at Skärmarbrink (!)

  2. Yes we can try it out some time, it will be interesting to see what additional aircraft are released. Soviets are on there to do list. Well luckily it was a simulated bombing run.
    Let me know if you see any real He-111's flying over you home! Take lots of pictures too...lol!