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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

28 mm Pulp Figures

Hi everyone!
I am getting ready to play a game of Pulp Alley next week and I went though my collection of painted and almost painted figures to find a force of 6 figures to use in the game next week.  I will post some pictures of the miniatures I think I will use. Once they are all painted up and the bases are done I will post how they finished product looks.  I will also post some pictures from the game next week.

Most of the miniatures are from the Pulp Figures ranges of Miniatures. Please check out the link for some of the great products. One of the finished figures, the guy with the lever action rifle in brown is a Foundry figure from there old west range.

 Here is a view of the front of the finished figures. Yes I will add some grass to the bases for the two figures without the grass.
Here is a view of the back and below is a side view. 

 This picture was taken a long time ago and I forgot to get him out for the photo shot today, He is a pilot.
 These two were painted white and then I used two different washes on these a number of years ago to see what washes can do. I will use these two and add some paint, but not much. I am thinking of painting some of the other miniatures I have in the Gray scale style. I will have to research how it is done but it would give a look of a silent film to my figures. We will see.
 I also have a young girl dressed for the 1920's with a pistol that I will paint up for the game, I think she will be the woman in red!!!

I also finished my 8 ME-109-F2's that I have been working on. I will get some pictures of them and some of the Russian aircraft I just go in the mail today.

More pictures soon!
Stay posted.

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