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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Begining!

Hi everyone! Well I finally am taking the time to start a blog about my Historical Miniature Wargaming here in Sweden. Since I moved here in July I have meet an outstanding group of Wargamers who have a very active club.  I have been invited to be a trial member and so far all is going well! I have played two games at the club location. One was a Civil War game using Black Power as rules.  The other was a Check your six game that I ran.  It was one of the standard scenarios that comes with the rules.  I will post some pictures below for all to see.

The Confederate infantry pushing the Union Lines.
Hand to hand!
The setup.
The march of the Confederates into battle.
The Union starting force, they are holding and important gap in the mountains.

More Confederates join the fight!!
And here are the Union reinforcements.

The first game at the club was a Union Victory as I was unable to push the Union out of the gap in the amount of time the scenario called for. It was a good introduction to the Black Powder rules.  It was a good evening with good company and some good food.

More to follow!!!!
Hej då!


  1. It was very nice to get the ACWs out again for a game - and I really enjoyed those Battlefield maps, great inspiration for re-creating the battles on table top format. Glad you liked the BP rules, more games soon I hope!

    Cheers from a sunny Munich,

  2. Hi Soren,
    Thank you for the message. I hope all goes well in Munich and you get some time to enjoy the food and beer. Yes I enjoyed the BP rules and I will get back to painting some more of the 28mm Austrians. I will post some pictures of our CY6 game soon.
    Have a successful trip!