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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My first Pulp alley game!

 Hi all!!!
Well last night I had a great time playing my first game of Pulp Alley! It was a great time.  We had a total of seven people at the game. Jespers ran the game so we had a total of 5 teams, one team had two players.
I was the new guy and I did not do all that well in achieving the goals of the game but it was a great way to learn how these rules work.

 Here is a picture of my "League" as the team is called. The leader is Tin and the co-leader is Big Red.

 The major objective was to open a treasure that required one team to succeed on three separate challenges over three turns. It was not easy, even for the Indiana Jones looking guy in the middle of this picture.

 One of the other "Leagues" these guys were evil and I had a few run ins with then as the game went on.

 The defending team is set up to try and hold the treasure from being taken from the other teams.

 My League on the move!

 Things start heating up and the different teams start to encircle the defending team.

 As you can see at the bottom of this picture I lost two members of my team early on. We had a run in with the German team and they had a female Nurse that was really good with a Thompson SMG.

 The evil hooded team gets one of the minor objectives.

I start to get my team moving closer to the main objective. The pilot was bringing up the rear, Big Red has the sword. Leading the way is Tin, She looks like a Christmas shopper from the USA, including the gun...

 The invisible man is lagging behind my group as he was hit earlier from gunfire but was successful in his health check.
 Here is a shot of the defending team and the aggressive Norwegian team. It is not in this picture but there was a fight between the Norwegian teams dog and one of the defending teams members. The dog became the hero of the game and everyone was rooting for him.

 Here is the German team, with the Thompson SMG toting Nurse in the foreground. They have with them one of the minor objectives. The objective marker is a brain in a jar. The Germans did well in the game.
 Another view of the action. There were many individual combats taking place as everyone was fighting each other. There was a lot of good laughs and rooting for different characters in the game.

A game would not be complete without the dice, event cards, and tape measures.

I was finally able to get a good picture of the dog. This guy was doing a lot of damage to the defending team and anyone else who got in his way! He even had his own camera crew filming his adventure.

Here is a picture of my team at the end of the game. I was trying to capture one of the minor objects from the evil hooded team. The game ended as a tie as the major objective was not opened and each team, except my team had one of the minor objectives.

The game was very fun and as I get use to the rules I think the game will move faster and I can develop my team better than I did this time.

Until next time!!!


  1. Seems like a very enjoyable game indeed - I too had my troubles with that little Norwegian furball in the past. Very cool team you've assembled, love the Iron Mask fellow!

  2. Thank you Soren! Yes it was a good game and a lot of fun! I have had a bunch of these figures for years and this was a great opportunity to use the ones I had painted and to paint some more. I hope to see you soon!