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Monday, September 15, 2014

CY6 in Sweden.

My first game that I ran at the club was a CY6 game. I have a good little collection of 1/300 scale WWII aircraft.  I chose one of the scenarios that comes in the rules. The scenario takes place in 1939 over Khalkhin-Gol River Mongolia.  It pit the Japanese with there Ki-27's against the Russians in the I-16 fighter aircraft. 

To learn more on the Battles in Mongolia please visit this site  by clicking on the image.

We had 2 Japanese Ki-27's against 5 Russian I-16's.

The Russians start in a good formation and they were ready for attack.

The Japanese are few but they have good pilots.

The game went well and it was a good battle. Both sides learned to become familiar with the rules and the game play progressed well.

The first shots are fired head on and the Russians score an airframe hit (white pipe cleaner).

After the first pass the Russian brake up there formation and the fur ball continues.

The Japanese continue to fight in formation and are effective in shorting down some of the Russians before both sides start having ammunition issues.

The Japanese end up losing the battle because the are chased off the map because of ammunition depletion and airframe damage.  The Russians end the game controlling the sky's.

I am starting to paint up more German BF-109F's and I have some Russians on order to do a test of a set of Campaign rules.

Always remember to "Check your 6"!!!

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