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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Painting update

Well I hope everyone is having a good Saturday! I have been painting a little each day to get ready for the upcoming pulp game at the club.  Well I have been able to finish all the figures that I plan to use for the game. If you look at my previous post you will see that I have now finished the two half painted villains and completed a young woman with a handgun.  She is painted in the spirit of Christmas as you will see.

Enjoy the pictures of the finished pulp figures.
I will have pictures of some airplanes later today or tomorrow.

Here is the finished group of figures for the game.

 A view of two of the figures that I had started on over two years ago. The young lady in red was started this week and I am applying a new painting technique for her and future miniatures.
 The lady in Red reminds me of Christmas shopping and how dangerous it can be to shop in the U.S. around the holidays...lol!!!!
 The back side of the group!
A close of of the newly painted figures. The lady in Red is a cobblestone figure while the majority of the others are Pulp Figure miniatures. There is one figure, the guy in the blue hat that is from Foundry Miniatures line of Old West figures.

Happy gaming!!!

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