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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Me-262 for CY6!

Hello all!
Here is the latest addition to my collection of 1/300 scale aircraft for CY6. It is an Me-262 and I decided to use some creativity and give it a Red Barron paint job. This is not historical but I wanted something a little different for the Luftwaffe.

 I took some pictures of the 262 with a P-47 that I painted years ago. I plan to do some solo CY6 this coming week and I will be playing the Heinz Bar, Jet Ace scenario that comes with the game rules. I will post pictures of the battle and how it goes for the P-47's.

 For more information on the Me-262 and all the versions please see the following link!
Me-262 Information
 Enjoy have a good weekend gaming!!!


  1. Great idea to do a Red Baron paint job - I'm sure Göring would proudly approve :0) That P-47 looks very striking as well - we should do some more flying at the club! Throw an e-mail to Jesper and me, and we'll try and set up something.


    1. Hi Soren!
      Thanks for the comment. It was fun to paint the Me-262 this way. It will stand out when we play a late war game! The P-47 was done years ago. It was one of the first that I did, the P-47's and the Me-109G's that I have. Now I will get down to painting the 12 IL-2's that I have. Yes I agree it will be good to get another game going soon. Hopefully the flight stands will be here soon.

  2. Nice modeling. I appreciate "outside-the-box" thinking and modeling.