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Friday, October 3, 2014

More Soviets for CY-6 and a 1:600 JAS-39 Griffin

Well This past week I have been painting up 12 IL-2's for the upcoming CY-6 campaign.

They should make good targers for the Finish and the Germans.

All these are 1:300 Scotia models. They painted up pretty quick and there is some good detail. I am waiting for an order of Flight Stands that is coming in from the States.  I ordered 24 Cadillac of the Sky flight stands from Fight's On here is a link to there website. Flight's On!

 Here is a comparison between the 1:300 and the 1:600 aircraft.

 I did my best to paint the aircraft up as a Swedish JAS-39 Griffin.

I also painted up one of the 6 JAS-39 Griffin aircraft that I got from Pico Armor.  The models are very good and have a great amount of detail.  I have other aircraft to paint up, both WWII and modern aircraft. Here are some pictures.

Have a good weekend.


  1. That's quite an air flotilla you've got there for the Russians. I can almost hear the Germans loading up their 109's with ammo :0) Those JAS planes are interesting, loads of details even is in 1:600. Looking forward to the coming game!

    1. Yes I am starting to get a large amount of Soviets to use as targets! It will be interesting when I get everything done. My stands should be in the mail on Monday so hopefully by the next game I will have my new flight stands. I will start working on the 11 TB-3's that I have to assemble and paint up too. Then it will be some more Soviet fighter aircraft. Yes the 1:600 aircraft are pretty detailed for how small they are. See you on Thursday!